• We've given ice cream a healthy makeover! Introducing Brio...a new way to look at ice cream.
  • Creamy, smooth and delicious -- and nutritionally smart
  • Just 160-170 calories, half the fat, 65 percent less saturated fat,* rich in calcium and antioxidants
  • No artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners
  • Certified gluten free. Non GMO. And low glycemic!
  • Smart, satisfying and nourishing snack, dessert or nutritional shake replacement
*Of comparable flavors of super premium ice cream.
Five Delicious FlavorsIn 4 fl. oz. single serve or 14 fl. oz. “Small Pints.”

Brio for You

  • Kids

    Children need healthy food choices to support their growing bodies. They can also be finicky eaters. That's why healthy snack choices with "kid appeal" are so important.

  • Health Conscious

    Choose Brio as a delicious nutritious snack or dessert choice for adults and kids. It is an excellent on-the-go mini-meal, a great post-recovery work-out food or an alternative to a nutritional shake or meal replacement.

  • Seniors

    Brio is richly delicious and smartly nutritious -- a good choice for a snack or dessert for any "body" at any age.

  • Athletes

    Brio's powerful and balanced blend of nutrients offers sustained, quality, high-energy nourishment to fuel your active lifestyle.

  • Meal Supplement Users

    If you rely upon a meal supplement, you'll find that Brio is a fun-to-eat alternative that's creamy, smooth and delicious. Brio brings ice cream satisfaction to serious nutrition.