About Us

About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people of all ages and activity levels live with brio in the truest sense of the word — with vigor, energy and vitality — resulting from good health supported by optimum nutrition.

Our Vision

At Brio, we believe it’s easier to eat smart with delicious, fun foods that are also healthy. And what could be more delicious and fun than ice cream, one of the world’s most popular foods? By making Brio — a frozen dairy dessert that’s significantly more healthy, yet equally as delicious as premium ice cream — we can help more people eat smart every day.

The Brio Story

The founders of Brio are twin brothers Ron and Arnie Koss. They are best known as the founders of Earth’s Best® Baby Foods. Focused on quality ingredients, nutrition and innovation, Earth’s Best was the first organic baby food in the United States.

Brio follows a similar theme. This nourishing frozen dairy dessert is all about quality, nutrition and innovation. 

Ron devoted 10 years to the product development, engaging some of our best nutritionists and dieticians, as well as renowned ice cream product developers who once led the way for Ben & Jerry’s.

Ron and Arnie report that the inspiration for Brio was their mom, Judith Koss.

“She loved ice cream and she wanted it to be healthy,” said Arnie. “We thought, ‘Great idea!’ and ‘Why not?’.”

When Judith actually needed supplemental nutrition to support her health, ice cream as a delicious healthy snack and meal supplement made perfect sense to Ron and Arnie.

“Liquid nutritional shakes had very little appeal to our mom,” explained Ron. “And when you don’t like something or don’t have much appetite, an 8 fluid ounce can seems like a lot to drink.”

“We wanted more and better for our mom,” said Ron. “We wanted her to enjoy ice cream and receive the best nutrition to support a healthy diet and her health. At the time, we pledged that someday we would try to create products that our mom would have enjoyed and looked forward to eating.”

“Someday” is today. Arnie and Ron are proud to introduce Brio.This delicious frozen dairy dessert offers exceptional nutritional value along with ice cream pleasure, fun and satisfaction — perfect for anyone interested in more healthful eating.