Health Conscious

Health Conscious

If you value the importance of good nutrition, you’ll appreciate the thoughtfully delivered balance of nutritious, top-quality ingredients found in every container of Brio.

Choose Brio as a delicious nutritious snack or dessert choice for adults and kids. It is an excellent on-the-go mini-meal, a great post-recovery work-out food or an alternative to a nutritional shake or meal replacement. Once you experience Brio, you’ll understand why we call it a “nourishing indulgence.”

For those watching their calories, Brio has just 160 -170 calories per 4 fluid ounce serving. On average, when compared to similar flavors of super premium ice creams, Brio has 25 percent fewer calories, half the total fat, 65 percent less saturated fat and 75 percent less cholesterol. Our convenient single serve four fluid ounce cups make portion control easy!

Brio features a low glycemic blend, with no artificial sweeteners. Brio only uses natural, non-GMO, non-corn pure fructose, organic agave syrup and organic dried cane syrup. It contains less sugar (only 17-19 grams per 4 fl. oz. serving size) than many yogurts and ice creams. 
 In fact, Brio has approximately 10 percent less sugar than similar flavors of super premium ice creams. When compared to yogurt, Brio has 50 percent less sugar per serving than, for example, a serving of Stonyfield® Non-fat Organic Blend Yogurt or Dannon® “Fruit on the Bottom” Blueberry Yogurt.

As a delicious frozen dairy treat, Brio provides a good source of protein and an excellent source of 24 vitamins and minerals. Brio offers you iron, zinc, selenium, all of the B vitamins and Vitamin C and is rich in calcium, magnesium and Vitamin D.

Brio also offers Omega 3-6-9 balanced fats. Yes, we could have created Brio as a non-fat food. However, our goal is to provide you with complete and balanced nutrition. That’s why Brio offers a moderate amount (7 grams per serving) of high value and balanced fats that are necessary for health and needed to help you assimilate essential fat soluble vitamins such as Vitamins A, D and E.

Brio has no artificial colors or flavors. It is gluten-free and is made with r-BST-free milk from Wisconsin dairy farms and GMO-free ingredients. In all, Brio provides a smart health-focused value and a delicious indulgent choice.

* Please note the allergens declared in Brio: Milk (r-BST-free whole milk), Soy (soy lecithin), Coconut (virgin coconut oil)