Children need healthy food choices to support their growing bodies. They can also be finicky eaters. That’s why healthy snack choices with “kid appeal” are so important.

Brio is a high value, affordable and healthy snack that can be enjoyed like ice cream. Kids love it!

Brio is natural, with no artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors. It is gluten-free and is made with GMO-free ingredients.

This yummy treat has less sugar than many flavored yogurts and features a low glycemic sweetener blend reported to help minimize blood sugar impact.

Brio offers kids the key nutrients that they especially need. It is rich in iron, Vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, all of the B vitamins and vitamin C.

Brio also has 6 grams of protein. You’ll also be pleased to note that Brio has a balanced blend of Omega 3-6-9 fats (Omega 3: 160 milligrams; Omega 6: 550 milligrams; Omega 9: 2000 milligrams)

Brio has more calcium, vitamin D and magnesium than most yogurts. Although Brio does not offer probiotics, it does provide “prebiotic” dietary fiber that actually feeds healthy gut bacteria.

Brio is available as a single serve 4 fluid ounce cup, providing an easy way to manage portion control for children. Each 4 ounce cup has just 160 to 170 calories.

Brio is not for infants. For children less than 4 years old, we recommend one serving per day. The reason is to offer optimal nutrition and conform to the recommended daily intake values of the FDA. To best use Brio as a meal replacement, please discuss with your health care professional.

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